An Overview of the 88 Fortunes Slots

An Overview of the 88 Fortunes Slots

Spin the reels in 88 Fortunes Slots and travel through the wonders of East Asia. With four progressive jackpot prizes and an all new exciting free spin round, this casino slots game has big winning potential. Just like all the other games in this range, you have three chances to hit a jackpot. You start off by selecting the jackpot amount. The game automatically tells you the win probability. You can also alter these chances according to your preferences.

An Overview of the 88 Fortunes Slots

Four types of bonuses in this Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius slot

There are four types of bonuses in this Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius slot: VIP bonuses, progressive jackpot, premium deposits and free spin. All these bonuses are delivered automatically to your gaming account upon sign up. These bonuses make playing the slot games at Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius more interesting. Each bonus features icons that identify the bonus content.

88 Fortunes Slots “VIP” bonus

The highest valued of these icons is the “VIP” bonus. This icon contains the word VIP. This means that you will be given VIP treatment while playing here. This is a valued upgrade from the regular jackpot that you would get in the traditional slot games. Also, this upgrade comes with a two-year minimum casino play term. You also get to take full advantage of the first deposit bonus available in the online casino.

As you progress through the game, you would notice that there are several icons that appear on the top of your screen. Some of these icons to display the winning numbers as soon as you click on them. You may use these icons to know the exact jackpot prize of each level in this casino slot game. There are also icons that show the different icons that represent the various winnings in the game. Once you know what icon indicates the win, you should double-check your computer display so that you will be able to see the exact amount of money that you have won. You can see the value of your win in the “winnings” section of the top free slots.

Another thing that you will find in this casino slot game is the payouts of the different prizes. These prizes consist of cash, free spins, and other kinds of bonuses. As you progress through the levels in the game, you will notice that the jackpots increase gradually. Once you hit the third level, there will be instant payouts of extra prizes for you to take advantage of.


There are many symbols that appear in this game aside from the regular letters. Some of the symbols that you will encounter in this casino slot machine are the following: wild symbol, jackpot symbol, number symbol, and many others. It is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with these symbols and their meanings to help you gain more in terms of maximizing your winnings in this game. It would be helpful if you could memorize all the symbols and form an association between them.

You might notice that there are many people who are saying that winning in this casino slot machine game is almost impossible. This is true because there are many things that you need to do to be able to beat the odds on this game. One thing that you need to remember is that you can only get the highest score when you play this game at its optimum level. When you bet your cash on the random number generator machine that is used in this game, you will have a small chance of getting a high score. However, if you have some luck on your side, you might be able to win more than ever before.

The random number generator in this game is known to use an optimal level of functionality so you might want to try using this whenever you feel that you are just losing. These are really good points that you should keep in mind, which is why it will be helpful for you to make sure that you know how to maximize your playing experience with this casino game called the 88 Fortunes Slots.

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