French Roulette Pro NetEnt

French Roulette Pro NetEnt

The list of gambling games that everyone can indulge in contains several types of roulette. Roulette is a game that operates with the croupier, special equipment and the player himself. And if you do not like this theme advise to play online roulette.As for online roulette, all of its components are virtual, and the principles remain the same. Gaming equipment company Net Entertainment has established itself on the market with a good reputation for high quality games, a variety of themes and large payments. Game “French Roulette Pro” is a creation of the above company and offers the participant to try himself in one of the most interesting and feature-rich roulette. The history of the development of French roulette began in the existence of the aristocracy and every year the game became brighter and more unforgettable. French roulette is available on all Casinos Not On Gamstop list.

General description of the Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius game

After opening the Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius game, the participant will find himself in front of a virtual gaming table. Graphic design is made so high quality that the user can feel as if he is in a real casino room. Constantly moving roulette wheel adds realism to the Online Casino Malaysia Projecterius game, and music relaxes the participant, allowing him to fully enjoy the action of the game, feeling like a visitor to a classic gambling club.

Description of French Roulette design

There are two tables to play this roulette game. The first one is called “Standard” and provides smaller bets for spins, and the second one “High Roller” allows to determine very large bets (up to 4000), and accordingly to win more. The playing field of French roulette is divided into sectors. This can be seen thanks to a special marking, which separates sectors with numbers, as well as external and internal bets. Naturally, the user can bet on each sector or on a certain part of it. The player is given the opportunity to fix a bet on a certain number, color (red/black), even/odd, as well as on specific groups of numbers. As for the number sections, they are numbers from 0 to 36, i.e. there are 37 numbers in total that a participant can bet on individually. This is quite a risky type of bet, because guessing the number on which the ball in the roulette wheel is very difficult. Also very popular is a bet on a group of numbers from 1 to 19 or 20 to 36. The probability of winning here is already more real compared to the previous type of bet. Even / odd and red / black are the most popular variations of bets and at the same time the most real. Therefore, the payments for the passage of these bets are minimal. Another layout of the desktop allows the player to bet on a group of numbers or the entire column. To understand exactly how the betting, the player should move the cursor to each section (betting option), which at the time this will be highlighted. Beginners of roulette is recommended not to chase a huge payout, and first learn how to play the most likely bets. In addition to all this, in French roulette, the participant is invited to bet on “cold” and “hot” bets. The first are the rates that have not fallen out for a long time, and the second are the most frequent in the last 400 spins. As for the winning percentage, the participant playing this roulette can count on a payout of 96.3%, accordingly, the winning percentage of the casino is 3.7%.

Description of the gameplay

French Roulette Pro NetEnt

After getting acquainted with the theoretical information, which contains a list of bets and their features, the user can move on to the actual process of the game. First, the participant should choose the game mode, and therefore the table (Standard or High Roller). After this, you need to define the size of bets and the value of chips. To do this in the lower right corner of the field, the player has to select the denomination of the chip, which he considers necessary. Then leave the chip on the table, observing the rules for setting bets. In one spin, you can make several bets in the hope that they will pass. Fixing the chip where necessary, you need to press the spin key, which slowly and shows the participant the actions of a virtual dealer (throwing the ball in the wheel) and the outcome of the run. But present on the panel key launch quick spin puts it all down and immediately gives the result of rotation. After that the losing bets are removed from the table, and the winning bets remain in place. Gained wealth goes to the player’s account, and he is offered a development of events: to use the same bet key and repeat bets from the previous spin or use clear bet, which removes all chips and the user can fix them again on the table. Throughout the game to the right of the table the user can see the statistics of “cold” and “hot” bets, as well as numbers and colors of the last digits rolled. On the roulette control panel there is a button for automatically starting the wheel, which allows to make up to 1000 continuous spins with a fixed rate. There are also buttons that control the quality of graphics, the presence of sound and call the help section. The amount of bets, winnings and total balance are in the black line at the bottom of the playing field and allow the participant to monitor their own actions, controlling their costs and profit level.

Roulette description summary

“French Professional Roulette” is quite an interesting game of chance, in which the participant can not only rely on his own intuition, but also think out his own strategy for the game, which will bring him maximum pleasure and profit. Along with the professional European Roulette, this game is the most popular among experienced gamers. However, simple rules and the ability to play online make this roulette available to users of different categories.

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